Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is part of the Community Development division; a multi-functional department that handles animal control, housing problems, zoning, general permit enforcement, and a variety of nuisance cases.
  1. Determine Blight

    The Code Enforcement Officer may determine if a property is considered blighted.

  2. Junk Vehicles

    Cars that do not have a current registration plate may not be parked on City streets.

  3. Outdoor Storage

    Prior to the placement of, a Portable Storage Unit a permit shall be obtained from the City Clerk.

  4. Trash, Junk, & Debris

    Learn about the requirements for trash, junk, and debris in Goddard, KS.

  5. Vacant Structures

    The property owner is responsible for maintaining their yards free from garbage or filth.

  6. Vehicle Parking

    Vehicles may not be parked on the front yard of a property.

  7. Yard Maintenance Standards

    Weeds and grasses are considered blight if they exceed 8 inches.

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