Community Development

The Community Development Department’s mission is to facilitate the creation of safe, balanced, efficient, visually appealing and economically sustainable developments within Goddard’s planning area by offering streamlined development processes that ensure timely and reasonable economic returns for members of the development community while simultaneously protecting the larger public interest, soliciting and incorporating the public’s feedback in land use and policy recommendations and working with elected and appointed officials to ensure that existing policies and regulations accurately reflect City Council’s goals and objectives for the community.
  1. Planning & Zoning

    Learn about the Planning and Zoning department in Goddard, KS.

  2. Planning Commission

  3. Overview of Planning in Kansas Communities

  4. City of Goddard Zoning & Subdivision Regulations

  5. Comprehensive Plan

  6. Code Enforcement

    Code Enforcement is part of the Community Development division; a multi-functional department that handles animal control, housing problems, zoning, general permit enforcement, and a variety of nuisance cases.

  7. Permits & Applications

    Learn how to apply for building and zoning permits for Goddard, KS.

  8. Maps

  9. Commercial Growth Opportunities

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